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Twisted Circus Online Pokies

Step right up. "The most amazing, biggest, most dangerous, spectacular show on earth is here" shouts the ringmaster. Something special is about to happen under the big-top. Not just colourful clowns, amazing animals and acrobats, but Twisted Circus Online Pokies is in town. This circus is different. Twisted Circus Online Pokies has side-shows that include other attractions that will take centre stage. Now Kiwis can play real money pokies with NZ dollarsTwisted Circus Online Pokies is powered by Microgaming and employs some of the strangest circus performers you have ever come across. But again, you will receive some of best cash prizes that you also have ever witnessed! You’ll be wrapped for hours.

The Winning Ways

The Twisted Circus is a five reel and six hundred coin slot machine, with two hundred and forty-three permanently enabled pay ways. A pay way is an area across a slots window where symbols on consecutive reels can create a winning combination. Pay ways are permanently enabled for every spin. The 243 Ways to Win implies that you won’t have to fret about which of your pay lines are operating because any combination of symbols stretching from left to right thru the reels all count. It makes no difference where they are placed. The reason it is called 243 Ways to Win is that there are actually 243 different combinations conceivable for joining one symbol from the five reels respectively. With all 243 possibilities, you will always be covered by your bet even by only waging some small shrapnel, or even one hundred dollars or more on every spin.

Winnings paid out on the slot machine are dependent on the symbols displayed, once the reels have come to a stop. Each symbol signifies a distinctive figure at the circus. The Twisted Circus pokies symbols include circus-themed icons such as a Half-Man-Half-Woman, a Muscle Man, a Snake Lady, Siamese Twins, a musical monkey, a Bearded Lady and a Fire Breather. If you are able to get five Fire Breathers in a row, not only will you be hot, but you can earn two thousand credits.

Wild at the Circus

Twisted Circus Online Pokies is a very unusual game. The Twisted Circus symbol is a wild and a multiplier symbol. A wild multiplier symbol is also known as a substitute symbol. Wild symbols are substitutes. Sometimes they multiply and sometimes they do not. It substitutes or replaces for other symbols to complete winning combinations and multiplies the payout. If you are able to get five in a row, six thousand credits will be yours.

The Scatter

Entrance to the circus requires a ticket. The ticket symbol as well as the Ring Master functions as the scatter symbol. A scatter symbol does not need to appear on an enabled payline in order for you to win. It can be scattered anyplace on the reels. The Ticket symbol achieves a winning scatter combination if at least two appear on the reels. If you get at least three symbols somewhere on the reels, the Free Spins bonus game is activated. You get thirteen free spins in the Free Spins bonus game with all wins being tripled.

If three Ring Master symbols appear on the reels, it completes a winning scatter combination. If the scatters appear on reels three, four and five, automatically you will receive four hundred and eighty credits. But even better than that, it activates the Circus Match bonus game. In this game, you match symbols by choosing different objects.

Sixteen stars emerge in the match bonus game where a circus performer is hiding. Our mission is to select a star and expose which circus entertainer is shown. If you can match up three circus performers, you have won the bonus game round and the payout is added to your existing payout.

A Twisted Circus

The Twisted Circus Online Pokies is one of the most extraordinary new games where you can win big cash prizes with online pokies real money. It has a lot of added extras, the sharp graphics, the funny theme, the feel of being at a circus and the bonus features are just to name a few of them. Because of its twisted mood, you will think you are at a circus with a slightly bent or twisted mood.

Promotions and Welcome Bonuses

If you are new to the casino, a great Welcome Bonus Package will be offered to you that presents you with gaming credits in the first week on your initial deposits. Keeping the player in mind, most online casino websites have devised quite a few promotions throughout the year. There are promotions that pertain to the day of the week and some that exhibit moods of different holidays.

Whatever credits you receive throughout the promotions are real money gaming credits. Twisted Circus Online Pokies extend numerous benefits to players as to give as many advantages as possible. Any of the promotional winnings is added to your existing payouts. 

Because the online casinos are certain you will adore Twisted Circus Online Pokies, it permits you to play free pokies for New Zealand for as long as you like in Free Mode while you practice. This way you can get a “feel” for the game. When you are convinced that you can win with real money pokies, switch to Real Mode and have fun.