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Tomb Raider 25 Free Spins

People often think that it’s impossible to get something for nothing, but when you play Tomb Raider at certain sites, you’ll see that you get Tomb Raider 25 Free Spins. That’s right. For doing absolutely nothing you can end up with 25 free spins for an awesome game. The way that it works is as easy as you can imagine. You simply register an account, make your first deposit and then enjoy 25 free spins. That’s it. Certainly, Lara Croft is waiting for you to start the next adventure with her. As an explorer, she will take you on an adventure of a lifetime and help you to see the fun and excitement that slots has with this great theme.

Getting in the Game

The Tomb Raider is game is one that absolutely any player would love to play. And with free spins on pokies, it’s one that people will enjoy playing even more. It’s a five reel, 15 payline and 75 coin online slots game that has an awesome science fiction theme and amazing features. With Tomb Raider, in addition to the free spins on pokies, players will have a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, a Free Spins bonus game and a bonus game. For all of these reasons, players love Tomb Raider and they love it even more when they have the Tomb Raider 25 Free Spins.

More Fun

Interesting to note, Tomb Raider was the first video slot made so that a player can enter into the Bonus Features from the Free Spins. The wild symbol here is the Tomb Raider symbol and it can step in for others to create winning combinations. If you have three or more of the Lara Croft symbols then you’ll get to the Free Spins bonus game and you’ll get ten free spins there. Now, to get to the Tomb Raider bonus game, you have to have three or more of the Idol symbols. Here, you’ll select idols to give you the highest bonus win amounts you can. There are twelve idols on the screen and behind each one is a value and you’ll have a bonus amount based on this value multiplied by the number of coins you bet per payline.

Add to This Free Spins on Pokies

Now, when you add to this mix free spins on pokies, you really have a winning combination. What the Tomb Raider 25 Free Spins does for the player is it takes an already awesome game and it adds in even more ways to enjoy how awesome it is. With the free spins on pokies, players will have even more ways to win and to have a blast with the game, while enjoying one of the hottest games on the market today.

Lara Croft will take any player on the adventure of a lifetime as the archaeologist gets ready for the next exploration. Between the amazing graphics and the chances to have free spins, many players won't know what hit them as they start to play. And getting the free spins is a piece of cake as you start to play and enjoy. You can play Tomb Raider in demo mode in the beginning to get a feel for the game or you can play it in real play mode. Every way that you play it, and each time that you do so is a new and great adventure that awaits you today.