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Enjoy SunTide Online Pokies Review

Are you ready to enjoy SunTide Online Pokies with free spins? This incredible game will definitely be one of the most special games you will ever have the chance to try out! With multiple amazing methods to play the game the way you always wanted to, including the wonderful Options button with which you will be able to set SunTide's settings to your preferences, you will never want to stop playing!

Up to 300,000 can be yours, as well as 15 free spins, every once in a while! Do not miss the chance to enjoy these and so much more!

Wild, Expanding Wild, and Wild's Payouts

Wild is one of the most important and useful symbols existing today in the pokies games. This amazing symbol is capable of replacing almost any other symbol on your reels (except the Scatter symbol), and help you enjoy many winning combinations and additional payouts and credits you couldn't have won otherwise.

But, specifically in this real money pokies game, the Wild symbol can get even more special. Here is how:

Expanding Wild – What Is That?

The Wild symbol can expand, which means that once it lands on a specific spot on the reels, many other Wild symbols also “land” on all the other spots on the same reel. This increases, by many percentages, your chances to win and to enjoy credits.

During the regular gaming mode, the Wild symbol can expand on reel #3. When you play the free spins mode, the Wild is capable of expanding on reels #2, #3, and #4. More credits than ever before are coming in your way!

Wild's Crazy Payouts

Have you ever thought of what could happen in case two, three, four or five Wild symbols would land next to one another? From this moment on, you don't have to keep on thinking! Here is the list of payouts you will be able to enjoy of, in such situations!

For two adjacent Wild symbols, you will enjoy nothing less than 0.5 credits, while for three Wilds on adjacent reels, you will receive 10 credits. In case four Wild symbols are on the reels, you will be able to enjoy 100 credits, and lastly, if five Wild symbols landed on all five reels, you can be confident you will enjoy the amazing and very special prize, of 1000 credits!

The Scatter Symbol – That's All You Need for the Perfect Game

Scatter is the only symbol that cannot be replaced by the Wild, and if this sounds unfair to you, you should only understand how truly special this symbol is, to comprehend this one really has no substitute.

Once three, four, or five Scatter symbols land on adjacent reels, you can enjoy 5 free spins right away. As long as the free spins are activated, you can play the game completely for free, but every time you'll win, you will receive real money credits which will serve you to play the next spins, without having to deposit your own credits!

Scatter, and the Payouts

With the Scatter symbol, it is definitely easier than ever before to win many real money credits, even before the free spins start. How? By enjoying the winning combination of the Scatter itself!

Two Scatter symbols, on adjacent reels, mean you can start to enjoy 1.2 credits on the spot, while for three such credits, you will immediately win 3 credits. Once you win four Scatters, you, automatically, also win 12 credits, and if you are lucky enough to win five Scatter symbols on all five reels, this means you are also lucky enough to win 60 credits!

Keep in mind that for three, four and five Scatters, you firstly win those credits, and then the 15 free spins in which you can win additional credits!

Win Up to 300,000 Credits

Up to 300,000 credits can be yours as you play this game, and it is only a matter of playing and winning these credits, as well as having a lot of fun in the meantime! This is possible and even easy with the many special symbols which can grant you with many credits such as 25, 40, 75 and even 100 per spin!

Spin the reels and discover yourself how much you can win!

Make The Most Out of Your Game. This Can Be Your Dream Game!

Yes, this special pokies free spins game is definitely based upon many great randomly triggered bonuses and benefits you can enjoy without even knowing and expecting them. As a gambling game, this is usually one of the most exciting features of the game.

However, whether you want to be a bit more in control over the game, and whether you simply want, once in a while, to play the game in your own way, it is good you'll know you can.

Gambling features are available for you, to let you play the perfect game, the perfect way, at any given time. Here are the dominant things you probably want to get to know well, and the sooner the better:

Bet Lines. It Really Is That Easy

Betting lines enables you to try out gambling the way you think is right. If you have a gut feeling regarding the spots the upcoming winning symbols may land on, you can try to gamble that, and win!

By clicking the numbered buttons at the sides of the screen, you will be able to mark as many lines as you want, before you trigger the next spin. The lines are marked for one spin only, and you can increase and decrease the number of lines marked as many times as you wish, to your full satisfaction.

Start Playing the Auto Mode!

The Auto mode is great to enable you keep on playing the game, without doing much. This mode will be great for you if you want to rest, watch the screen, eat, drink, etc. A single click on the Auto button will enable you to trigger 10, 20, 50 and even 100 spins right away, and then to stretch back on your chair and enjoy the rest of the game. Until Stop button will enable you to spin the reels, time and time again, for as long as you wish.

You can stop these auto spins whenever you want to, by clicking the Stop button on the screen. If you want greater control over this feature, you can always click the Custom button, which will enable you to type the exact number of times you wish spinning the reels, as well as the method you prefer using to make the reels stop from spinning, at some point.

Manage Your Deposits As You Always Wanted To!

Controlling your wagers will enable you to play the game for a pretty long while, without having to feel you better quit at some point since you are using too many credits as you are playing. If you are feeling a bit short in cash, you can always decrease your deposit rate, and to keep on playing for long without feeling uncomfortable even for a single moment!

Under the Bet button, you will find + and – buttons which will help you deposit between 0.06 credits, all the way up to 60 credits per spin. While using less credits per spin may help you play longer, you may want to know that the higher your deposits get, the higher your winning potential is. Your deposits directly affect the number of credits you can win, each time a winning combination is created.

Use the “Options” Button And Control the Game Like Never Before

Have you seen the Options button by now? This is one of the most unique buttons available in this game, and it is not easily found in many other free spins games. This button will enable you to have an even greater control over the game, and to enjoy playing the game you really really dreamed of.

QuickSpin feature will enable you to decide whether you want the reels to be spun faster every time, or if you want this feature to apply only when free spins are activated. The graphics can be in their basic mode, or enhanced one, according to your preference, and even the sound settings can be altered according to your preferences. You can switch different sounds on and off as you like.

What are you waiting for? Start playing SunTide and enjoy more then ever before!