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Thorough Software Provider Reviews for NZ Players

The average Kiwi may not be aware of just how much of an impact the creator of the games they’re enjoying has on their experience. Our casino software provider reviews are here to help you when you come to realise this fact! While the survival of any online site depends hugely on the brand’s affiliates and, of course, you, the player, the other determining factor is who is providing the entertainment.

NetEnt, Microgaming, Play’n GO, and more of the big names you’ll find here may be more familiar to you than you even know. While you may not have been aware of it, you’ve almost definitely played 1 or more of their titles, as popular as they are, and our software provider reviews will be able to tell you why.

Suppliers of this calibre put their own unique, innovative twists on the classic table games we know and love as well as invent entirely new titles. They make use of state-of-the-art technology to do so, and combine their end-products with the top-of-the-line security we have all come to expect from our online gambling experiences.

Pick a Provider for Particular Titles

As we will explain, each of these platforms will specialise in its own set of online casino game, some of which even translate over to land-based casinos. NetEnt, for example, is very famous for their pokies, while the sheer size of the Microgaming catalogue has them best known for the diversity of their range. Once you know what each platform primarily specialises in, you’ll be able to locate online casinos that much more quickly, since you’ll know after you find out who their game supplier is what’s on offer.

What We Take Into Account

As is the case with every other technology, our software provider reviews make sure that the platforms are keeping up with the times! The best always are, hard at work creating a more user-friendly interface that allows players to that much more easily enjoy the entertainment being offered.

For example, one of the most recent developments is the creation and provision of Live Casino entertainment. These titles combine the best of land-based gaming with online access, streaming video footage of what’s occurring in real time in studios and casinos halfway across the world to your device right here in New Zealand. Players can now watch a Roulette wheel spinning in real time and hold their breath collectively as they wait for the ball to drop, and the Baccarat squeeze is upping the adrenaline, as time seems to stop before the card is revealed!

Payout Percentages are Important

Another factor we look at is what a platform’s payout rates look like. After all, there’s no use in gambling unless there’s a chance for you to make something back! We will let you know what you can look forward to seeing when you play particular titles.

Pokies providers, for example, can guarantee that between 90% and 95% of what they’re taken in is being paid out to lucky New Zealanders, and those are the ones you should be playing.

Our software provider reviews look at the kinds of games platforms offer, the size of the file you’ll need to be able to store on your device if a download is required, and the speed of each of the titles provided. These are key factors to your online gambling experience that you don’t need to worry about anymore. This means that you don’t have to spend the time you don’t have researching, and can enjoy what’s on offer instead! You will be able to stay informed and aware that much more easily, and can make better decisions about what to enjoy, and when, and where.