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Secret Santa online pokies

Christmas might be over, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy the fun of the season and the fun offered by the Secret Santa online pokies. This game offers you the feeling and the fun of Christmas, even after the tree is down and the decorations are put away. The game includes the fabulous 1024 Ways to Win which means that there are so many ways to win that you’ll be stunned with your choices and your chances.

Getting in the Game

With the Secret Santa online pokies there is a free spins bonus which offers players a great way to ring in the New Year. Learn more about this online and see the many chances that you have for the Secret Santa 25 free spins. Now, the symbols here are the ones that you would expect with the Secret Santa online pokies. They include the fireplace on Christmas Eve, the tree, a lovely turkey and other great symbols. The Secret Santa symbol is wild here and it steps in for all symbols except the scattered Crackers. If you have five of the wild symbols it pays as much as 8000 credits depending on how much you have wagered. There is a 5 of a Kind Again! Feature that is triggered when you get a five of a kind of the same symbol. This is if there aren’t any wilds as part of the win with the real money pokies no deposit bonus game. The symbols will then respin and get you another five of a kind win.

Even More Symbols

Now, the scatter symbols is the Christmas Cracker symbol and it can pay as much as 50,000 credits if you have it on the maximum bet. Another awesome surprise with the real money free spins game is that, any time, during the regular game, the Mystery Bonus can come. You don’t need to have anything on the reels to trigger this feature. Then, you’ll win one of seven features. You could win the Wild Reels where as many as three reels will turn wild. You might get the Scatter Spree where all symbols pay as scatters. You can get the Wild Boost with the online pokies free spins game where a random symbol will become wild. You might get the Mystery Multiplier where all wins will be multiplied by either five or 10 times. You can also get the Rolling Reels where cascading wins will have increasing multipliers of up to 12 times. Players might find themselves with Dashing Wilds where four random wilds will appear. Finally, players can get the free spins bonus, where five free spins will be offered with wins that are tripled. This is where the real money free spins really comes in handy and is a blast.

It’s quite fun as part of the game that players don’t know which feature is going to be offered to them. This both creates suspense and allows the player to feel like the game is a new one everytime that they get there. It feels new and fresh each time since the player could end up with Wild Reels or find himself with the online pokies free spins. Anyway that you look at it, the Secret Santa online pokies game is one that players will love to enjoy all year long. Whether you found great prizes under the Christmas tree this year or not, you'll have great surprises with the real money pokies no deposit bonus game here.