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Riviera Riches Online Pokies

The very name -- the French Riviera conjures up visions of the members of Europe's royal families murmuring softly at the gaming tables, movie starlets stepping out of Jaguars and  Mercedes as they enter through the casino doors and the society mavens of the world who wander along the streets of Nice, Le Ruhl, Cannes and other coastline villages in between their gambling events at the luxurious casinos of the Cote d'Azur region. The Riviera is the place where any wish can come true. Now you don't have to search out airline tickets in order to enjoy the action and entertainment of the Riviera – just sign into your casino account on your PC or mobile device and play Riviera Riches online pokies for a pokies adventure of fun, excitement and real money earnings.  


Many people visit the Riviera without knowing what to see and where to go. They often miss out on the best venues. The Riviera is made up of multiple towns and cities including Antibes, Mandelieu La Napoule, Cagnes Sur Mer, Juan Les Pins and, of course, where the most opulent casinos are located -- Monaco. Locals advise you to time your visit so that you don't arrive in the heat and crowds of July and August. That tip, by the way, is one that casino regulars adhere to since they don't want to be pushing against the tourists in order to enjoy their gambling entertainment. If you time your trip correctly you'll find yourself enjoying a casino adventure amongst Europe's most exclusive players.

All of Europe's casino history is at your fingertips as you explore the region. In Nice you can see the opulent chandelier that was ordered by the Tsar of Russia for his St. Petersburg Palace from the famous Baccarat Company. It hangs, today in the Salon Royale of Nice, under a glass dome which was designed by architect Gustave Eiffel. As you explore other areas of the Cote d'Azur you'll come across the resorts and casinos where Queen Victoria and King Edward of England, the Rothschilds,  Napoleon, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Edith Warton, Aldous Huxley and the Czar and Czarina, along with the cream de la cream of the world's high society, cavorted with nary a care in the world.  

Pokies Online

Visiting a land-based casino is often all about the atmosphere but you can achieve the same kind of satisfaction from your online pokies activities. When you play online pokies games you engage in real money gambling entertainment at your leisure. You don't  have to worry about travel or accommodations expenses – just open the casino on your laptop or desktop PC, on any Internet browser or on your mobile casino screen and engage in casino entertainment in a comfortable and convenient atmosphere.

Riviera Riches online pokies is one of the top-ranked pokies in New Zealand. The game draws you into the feel of a Riviera casino venue which you experience right on your gaming screen. You'll see all the symbols of Cote d'Azur high living including well-heeled ladies, sophisticated gents, luxury sedans and sports cars, bottles of the finest wine and images of the lavish casino itself. Every time that you spin the reels and line up completed combinations on an activated payline, you'll earn a payout. You can increase your matches with the slot machine's Wild symbol, the Riviera Riches Logo, which substitutes for others symbols. If your combination is completed with the inclusion of a Wild, you receive a payout that is multiplied by 1,500 your bet. Whenever multiple Wild symbols appear simultaneously they create a Wild payline and you earn a Wild combination payout.

The scatter symbol, an image of a stack of casino chips, creates a scatter combination whenever two or more scatters appear, in any position, scattered across the reels. The Free Spins game begins when three or more scatters appear simultaneously.

Free Spins

All of yor wins will are multiplied by x3 in the Free Spins game which begins when you achieve three or more scatters during the regular game. Your paylines and deposits will remain identical to those of the spin that triggered the free spins game. The Free spins game reactivates if one of your Free Spins results in three or more scatters symbols which display in any pattern across the reels. Your new free spins are added to your previous free spins total when the game reactivates. During the reactivated free spins you'll continue to receive a x3 multiplier on all completed Free Spins. The Roulette Bonus Game can be triggered during the Free Spins but that combination win will not multiply.

Roulette Bonus Round

You continue to add payouts to your Win Box with the Riviera Riches bonus game. When the Bonus Game begins, two popular casino games converge – roulette, which is one of the casino's oldest and best loved games, and pokies. Whenever two Roulette Bonus symbols appear together on the 1st and 5th reels, during either the base game or the free spins, you've invited to enter the Roulette Room and play roulette. Your slots game will continue to run in the background while you try your hand at the roulette wheel.  

You will be presented with a roulette wheel and invited to bet on a number. Place your wager on the green felt roulette table, just as you would in a regular roulette game. You can make any traditional roulette wager including both Inside and Outside bets, bets on Odds, Dozens, Colours, Columns and Groups.

The payout that you earn during the roulette round is calculated by multiplying your bet by the odds of your tossed ball falling into the pocket on which you placed your bet. The bets that you place on the roulette bonus game have the same value as the bet that activated the bonus round. These payouts multiply your total win above and beyond your regular wins up to a possible 4x multiplier. You can earn up to 30,000 coins, just on the bonus game!.

Free Online Pokies

Riviera Riches online pokies is available as a free online pokies via the casino's generous promotions. You can play online pokies for free and earn real money prizes by accessing your Welcome Bonus points if you're a new player and Loyalty Points if you're a veteran player.  All games are entitled to enter the monthly and seasonal draws in which everybody wins.