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Reel Spinner Online Pokies with Free Spins

Whimsical graphic imagery combines with a fishing motif of fishing gear and friendly fishies in the Reel Spinner online pokies with Free Spins, now available for real money play at the NZ online casino.  Reel Spinner is a real money pokies that is available for PC and mobile gamers who can compete at their leisure on the device of their choice. There are engaging graphics, a fanciful sound track, interactive symbols, free spins rounds and additional elements that combine to make online pokies an attractive adventure of fun and excitement. 

The fish come swimming right to your screen as you match symbols along the 15 paylines to achieve your wins. All matches that you achieve on paylines that you've pre-activated with a deposit will payout wins so, while you are not obligated to enable all of the paylines, it's a good idea to do so in order to realize the best take-home value possible. Maximum bet per line is 11.25 coins so when you take into account the 15 paylines, the various spin options and the New Zealand online pokies free spins you have a game that gives you the chance to realize up to 2,250,000 coins. 

Your regular wins depend on your bet per payline so the more you bet, the higher your win. 

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Symbols in this pokies revolve around recreational fishing. There are

dorado fish, tuna fish, barracuda fish and other orange, green, blue and purple fish who swim on the reels alongside boats, boat gears, a compass  and more. The friendly fish cooperate to help you match three symbols on an enabled payline, with the first symbol appearing on the left-most reel which delivers your payout. The payouts are dependent on the symbols matched so the more fish that you match, the bigger and better your payouts become. 


The logo is the Reel Spinner's Wild symbol. The wild symbol substitutes for any other symbol and functions as the missing 3rd symbol to complete a winning payline. If your spin results in two barracuda fish plus the Wild, the Wild takes the place of the missing third barracuda and a win is created. The wild symbols are stacked which means that they stack up on the reels so you're able to create more wins. 

As you play your win amounts will be presented as coins on the reels and in the Win Box, One regular winning combination will be paid out on each spin so if you realize two wins on a spin you'll receive the value of the highest combination win.  

Scatter Wins

When three scatters emerge anywhere on the reels, regardless of whether they occur on enabled or unabled paylines and regardless of any pattern or lack of pattern that occurs, you win a scatter combination payout and trigger the  no deposit free spins bonus feature. Your scatter combination payout is determined by the number of scatters that appear multiplied by the number of coins that you wagered on the spin that activated the scatter combination. 

Free Spins

The Reel Spinner Free Spins round is comprised of a three-tiered bonus game which gives you more control over your free spins. 

Stage 1 involves the launch of the bonus game. When three scatter symbols appear on a regular game spin, the free spins is activated. You are invited to choose one of five boats. The boat that you select determines the number of free spins that you will be awarded. 

Stage 2 involves a free spins multiplier. You are asked to spin the reels which then gives you your multiplier value. This multiplier will multiply all free spins wins. Your bet amount for the free spins is dependent on the last wager that you place in the regular game. The Wild symbol from the regular game continues to create a Wild symbol stack during the free spins.

Stage 3 brings you to the reel spins. Spin the reels for free, add you multiplier and add the free spins wins to your regular game wins.  

Paytable Achievements

Reel Spinner offers the Paytable Achievements feature which allows you to track your win status. You completed combinations are highlighted so when you win all of the combinations for the same symbol, you'll be able to track that achievement.

Casino Bonuses

You can add casino bonuses to your game's regular wins and free spins wins which multiplies your payouts even further. 

If you're a new player you'll receive an automatic New Player bonus that allows you to play more, for more time, via the match credits from the Welcome Bonus. These credits match the credits that you deposit, giving you hundreds of dollars of additional credits with which to play. You don't have to add any additional deposits to this casino match – just play the game within the initial 7-day gaming period and enjoy your free payouts. 

You'll also receive Loyalty Points on all of your games. The number of loyalty points that you receive is dependent on the games that you play and the amount of your deposit, Pokies players collect the highest percentage of Loyalty Points which makes it one of the most lucrative game types at the casino. 

Loyalty Points can be redeemed for casino give-aways including cashback deals, free spins, casino cash and higher deposit and withdrawal limits. There are also vacation packages and luxury gifts that can be obtained for your Loyalty Points.

The New Zealand casino delivers additional bonus packages including seasonal contests and draws, refer-a-friend bonuses, bonuses that you can obtain for playing new games and, for high-rollers, the VIP bonus package with exclusive rewards and playing area. 

Regardless of whether you like river, lake or ocean fishing you'll thrill to the Reel Spinner online pokies with Free Spins