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Lucky Koi Mobile Pokies

The koi are swimming and spawning in this new, action-filled pokies. The Lucky Koi mobile pokies has been optimized for mobile gaming and is now available in both the casino's Free Mode for free pokies entertainment and in the Real Mode where you can play for real cash prizes. 

Lucky Koi pokies brings the fascination that people have with the colourful, vibrant koi fish to the gaming screen with dynamic imagery that displays the mesmerizing creatures in all of their dramatic glory.  As you observe these absorbing underwater beings you'll be able to spin the reels and line up matching symbols to create completed paylines and achieve payouts. 


Koi are generally regarded as among the most beautiful fish in the world. They are believed to have originated in China but the ancient Chinese ignored their unique designs and colour and viewed them source of food. In the 1800s the Japanese discovered koi and started to breed them for their aesthetic appeal. 

There are many different types of koi including the red and white kohaku and the red, white and black Showa Sanka and the Taisho Sanka.  Koi can be trained to eat their seaweed and pond plants from humans' hands. They can grow as long as three feet and documented cases exist of koi living for over 200 years. Koi are sold for large sums of money -- $250,000 is not unheard of for a prized koi. 

Koi are probably best known for representing a variety of attributes such as endurance and strength. Koi of different colours also have their own connectations -- gold koi fish represent wealth and prosperity while metallic koi symbolize business success. Blue koi are believed to bring serenity and blue, red, and grey Asagi koi represent positivity. 

Playing Lucky Koi Pokies

Fish fanciers and others will enjoy this fun-filled mobile pokies which is chock-full of captivating graphics, special effects and interactive features. You don't have to establish a Japanese garden to bring the pond of koi to your gaming screen. Just open the online casino on your tablet or smartphone device and you'll be able to start playing Lucky Koi pokies while the fishes' tranquil persona lures you towards a relaxing break from the pressures of the world. 

Explore the meanings, symbolism and allegories of the individual koi fish as you compete for real money prizes. The rainbow of  colours and designs that koi fish create in  water gardens will transfer onto your mobile screen along with wilds, scatters, multipliers, free spins and more.

The game features 25 paylines, with a possible total bet of 250 coins per spin. That means that you can wager a maximum of 10 coins per payline on each spin. Game symbols include red and white koi fish, water lilies, water turtles, dragonflies, frogs and icons of Asian culture which include representations of silver and gold teapots, fans and gold coins.


The Lucky Koi Logo is the Wild symbol. It can substitute for any other symbols in order to complete a payline. So, for instance, if your spin results in two red koi appearing along with a Lucky Koi Logo on an activated payline, the Logo can substitute for the missing third red koi symbol, giving you a completed payline.

The Grail symbol is the scatter symbol. When three or more grails  appear simultaneously, in any position on the reels, on activated or non-activated paylines, they form a scatter combination which triggers the scatter combination payout. The Lucky Koi bonus game launches when a scatter combination forms.

Bonus Games

You can play one of two mobile pokies bonus rounds. These bonus games include:

  • Koi Bonus Game – The Koi Bonus Game presents the player with 12 koi symbols. Gamers are entitled to choose a random number of koi. Bonus win amounts which have been concealed behind the selected koi images become the payout amounts. These wins are multiplied by the player's bet amount and revealed bonus win are added to the Win Box.  The paylines and bets of the bonus game are the same as those of the spin that activated the bonus round.
  • Free Spins game – In the online pokies free spins game players receive up to 30 free spins, with the number of free spins presented determined by the number of scatters that triggered the free spins round. Free spins wins pay out with a 5x multiplier. Free spins can reactivate if 3 or more scatters appear in any pattern on a free spin.  The number of extra free spins is determined by the number of free spins that you originally received. The multiplier of 5x for the additional free spins doesn't change.

Bonus Promotions

Lucky Koi is one of the most successful online casino pokies and now you can play the pokies on your mobile device. All of the casino bonus promotions that you receive when you play on your PC are available to you as you play on mobile.  

New players receive a rewarding Welcome Bonus of match gaming credits which match your deposits. The Welcome Bonus is distributed on your initial deposits during your first week of casino gambling. These match credits double your real money gambling  achievements without requiring you to add extra deposits.

The Loyalty Points are distributed to veteran players based on the games that they play, the amount of their deposits and the number of their deposits. When you play pokies you receive 1 Loyalty Point for every credit that you deposit. You can trade in your accumulated Loyalty Points for casino give-aways which include cashback deals,  free spins on your favourite pokies and higher deposit and withdrawal limits. For big stakes players, Loyalty Points trade-ins include vacation packages and luxury gifts.

You'll enjoy luck and good fortune when you play Lucky Koi mobile pokies at the mobile casino.