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Legend of Olympus Online Pokies

Legend of Olympus online pokies has everything that you’ve ever wanted in a slots game. There’s a dynamic storyline, interactive action, fascinating characters and plenty of features slot machine features to keep you on your toes. Legend of Olympus  offers a vibrant gambling experience to history enthusiasts and mythology buffs who are looking forward to bringing the power of Olympic gods to life with real money wins. New Zealanders will thrill to the action-filled game of spins, wins and online pokies bonuses.

Channel the power of the deities as you play on your PC screen. You can open your casino account and play at the Download Casino on the downloaded casino software or at the Flash Casino on any public terminal’s Internet browser. Whichever platform you choose,  you’ll find yourself standing with Greek gods on the heights of Mt. Olympus where the immortal deities are preparing to battle the forces of evil in order to protect one of their own. You'll find multipliers, triggers, wilds, scatters, gambles and a multi-level bonus round which combine to bring you captivating slots entertainment.

Legend of Olympus

Olympus is the legendary mountain where the Greek gods live, arranging the lives of the mortals who live below. It is from Olympus that the gods, led by the mighty Zeus, battle the evil Hades who has carried Orpheus's girlfriend Helene off. Hades has taken Helene to his dominion in Tartarus and  Zeus, Orpheus and the other gods challenge Hades.  The battle takes place on the gaming screen amidst images of wealth, weaponry and other symbols of the combatants and the battle. Will the Greek gods be successful in saving Helene from Hades? This online pokies for real money invites you to join the search for the answer.  


Prepare for the pokies action of Legend of Olympus by learning a bit about the Greek mythology that inspired the game. The Greeks taught that each god rules a realm of the real world. Apollo is the god of the sun, Ares is the god of war, Poseidon is the god of the sea, Hermes is the god of wealth, Aphrodite is the goddess of love and Artemis is the goddess of the moon. Zeus is the most powerful god and it is he who oversees the activities of the sub-gods. Yet even Zeus, who rules from the heights of Mt. Olympus, is powerless to stop Hades, the god of the underworld, from kidnapping Helene. Zeus is forced to join forces with the other gods and from Mt. Olympus the plan their course of action.

Pokies Action

Legend of Olympus pokies is available as a free online pokies in the casino’s Free Mode where you can practice your leisure and play for free for as long as you wish. When you’re ready to play for real, navigate to the Real Mode, make your deposit and start playing for real.

To open the game, click “spin” and start spining the reels. You’ll see some of the most famous Greek gods along with the kidnapped Helene, a Greek soldier, a chalice, a shield, a spear, a gold bonus coin, a Greek helm and a barbarian soldier. Your spins aim towards creating completed combinations  which will involve three or more matching symbols on paylines that you enabled with a deposit.  You aren’t obligated to enable all paylines but remember! - only completed combinations which appear on activated lines pay out real money wins.

Hades is the Legend of Olympus Wild symbol. Whenever a Hades symbol appears, it can substitute for another game symbol and facilitate the formation of new completed paylines. Three or more Hades symbols emerging on an activated payline signals the formation of a Wild combination. A special Wild combination payout is then added to your wins.

Bonus Rounds

Both the Zeus symbol and the Coin symbol trigger a bonus round but each symbol triggers its own bonus.

The Free Spins round is triggered whenever three coins appear on the reels at the same time, in any position. You’ll receive 14 free spins and all free spins wins are added to your base game win total. The bets and paylines on the free spins are the same as the bets and paylines of the spin that triggered the free spins round. Free spins reactivate when you achieve three coin symbols on a free spin. Your new free spins are then added to the remaining free spins from your previous round.

One of Zeus’s powers is his ability to cast lighting and, throughout the Free Spins, he tries to hit Hades with lighting. Whenever he succeeds in striking Hades your Free Spins increase.

Legend of Olympus Bonus Game

The Legend of Zeus bonus game activates whenever three Zeus symbols emere during either the base game or the Free Spins game.

In the Legend of Olympus bonus game, random objects appear. The number of objects that you the achieve is determined by the number of Zeus scatters that activated the game. Choose any object which determines your random bonus win amount. This  two game has 2 levels. Level 1 leads to Level 2.  

1. Level 1 -- When the reels stop you’ll see three coins. The coins which appear determine your random bonus win amount. If two gold coins appear you’ll be taken to Level 2.

2. Level 2 – In level 2 you see three treasure chests. Behind each chest is a random bonus win amount. Choose a chest to discover your win. Random bonus win values are multiplied by your total bet with the value that appears in the Win box determining the multiplier. If you consistently achieve the multipliers you may be able to win them all.

Gamble Game

Legend of Olympus features a Gamble Game which is triggered by regular game win. You can Gamble a total of five times during the game. When you decide to gamble you’ll gamble your existing wins with the opportunity to double your previous earnings.  

To gamble, click the "Gamble" button after a winning base game spin and receive a hidden card. Guess the hidden card's colour to double the payouts that you’ve received until that point.

After your gamble win or less you’ll be returned to the regular game so you can continue to play.

Play Legend of Olympus online pokies for a chance to enter a world of fascinating Greek Mythology that combines with pokies entertainment.