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Play Kings of Cash Online Pokies

It is time to play one of the most thrilling games available for online gamblers: Kings of Cash Online Pokies! While playing this game, you will be able to enjoy up to 25 free spins, 5000 credits in 1 spin, multiple bonuses & gambling features, and so much more!

Ready? It's time to play and win this unique game! Here's everything you need to know in order to master Kings of Cash Online Pokies today!

In This Game You Can Play Without Doing a Thing

Auto Play is a great feature which enables you to enjoy the real money pokies game you love most, without working much. Once you click the Expert button (at the bottom of the screen), you will see the Auto Play button, as well as the 5X and 10X buttons.

In case you click 5X or 10X, 5 or 10 auto spins will be triggered right away, and you will be required to do absolutely nothing, besides watching the game. Many players tend to use this feature in order to take a “break”, but still keep on playing, so they can eat or drink on the one hand, and keep on winning credits on the other hand.

Moreover, if you choose to click the Auto Play button, you will be able to adjust the settings of the game as you prefer. You can choose the exact number of spins that will be executed, as well as the method which will be used to stop the reels from spinning (usually, either once all spins are complete, or when you win a specific number of credits which you chose in advance).

If you always wanted to play like an expert, this is your chance to do so!

Win Up to 1000X Total Bet

Nothing is as rewarding as simply playing the game you love most, and winning up to 1000X of your total bet. Fortunately, with Kings of Cash Online Pokies this bonus is more reachable than ever, and it is time you learn everything about it!

The Kings of Cash Bonus can be triggered once three, four, or five Crown Scatter symbols land on adjacent reels (there are two different types of Scatter symbols, so it is important you can tell the difference between them).

For three such symbols, you will be rewarded with 2 to 100 credits right away. If three Crown Scatter symbols are on your reels, you can expect to enjoy 5 to 150 credits, and if you had the luck to receive five Crown Scatters on all five reels, be confident 10 to 1000 credits will be granted to you in no time! One of the best real money bonuses can now be yours, and it's time you start winning it!

Enjoy High Multipliers & Play for Free

Always wished to win the online pokies bonus free spins? Now you can! And you can also enjoy great payouts as you do! The Dollar Scatter can trigger up to 25 free spins, and produce many credits in the meantime!

If three $ Scatters landed on adjacent reels, you can expect to enjoy a 1X multiplier for your bet, as well as 10 free spins which will be triggered after you receive your grant. In case four $ Scatters landed on adjacent reels, you will be qualified to enjoy the 5X multiplier for you bet, and then to play 15 free spins. The fortunate players who had five $ Scatter symbols on all five reels will win a 10X multiplier for their total bet, and then will start to play no less than 25 free spins right away!

Keep in mind that as long as the free spins mode is activated, all credits won are 2X multiplied!

Up to 5,000 Credits Can Be Yours at Once

The Wild symbol can be quickly recognized thanks to the Kings of Cash title appearing on it. Two, or more, symbols of its kind will produce great payouts once they land on adjacent reels. These are the credits you cane expect winning:

10 credits, for two adjacent Wild symbols, 25 credits, for three adjacent Wild symbols, 100 credits, for four adjacent Wild symbols, and no less than 5000 credits, if you were lucky enough to have five Wilds on all five reels!

Remember Wild's Most Important Feature: Substitution

Yes, you can win pretty nice payouts in case a few Wilds land on adjacent reels. However, this bonus is far from being the best part about the Wild in this game! Wild symbol is considered significantly unique since it can replace many other symbols on the reels, and thus upgrade your potential winnings in no time!

In this game, the Wild can replace the four king symbols, the box of treasures, the royal chair and the royal shield symbols. Once Wild appears next to two, or more, identical and adjacent symbols, it simply functions as the other identical symbol, and upgrades the combination immediately.

Two of a kind will become three of a kind, three will become four, and four will become five of a kind. Be ready to enjoy better payouts than you ever expected! This symbol randomly lands on your reels, so you can enjoy such prizes at any given moment!

The Gamble Feature Will Change Your Game In Moments

Are you looking for something more thrilling and unique than the “regular” pokies game that can be found online? If so, the Gamble feature is just the perfect thing for you! This feature is not usually found in many pokies games, and once it exists, it makes the game more fun and special for the players who choose to use it.

Once clicking the Gamble button, the feature is activated, and you can choose either a colour or a suit. After you make your decision, the software chooses a colour or a suit, as well, accordingly. If you chose the “right” colour, you will enjoy a 2X multiplier right away, and if you chose the “right” suit, you will enjoy a 4X multiplier immediately. Think you can make it? Try now!

Lines Feature. Because Your Gut Feeling Is Valuable

Many players believe they know what's gonna happen next. They think they can tell where the next winning symbols are going to land, and what the next winning combination will look like. If you are one of these players, it is time to use your talent in order to make the next games more thrilling and fun!

Clicking the Lines button, and / or the numbered buttons at the sides of the screen, will mark different lines on the screen. These will be the lines on which you believe the next winning symbols may land. Although the more lines you mark the higher your bet rate will get, this may be really worth it in case you are right!

You Control the Wagers. Play with Them As You Always Wanted to

Being able to control the wagers is essential, if you want to feel in control over your game for the long run, and want to be comfortable with playing a lot. Some players, for example, prefer to decrease the rate of their bets every time they get a bit short in cash. This way, they can play for longer, by spreading the same amount of cash over more spins.

Other gamblers find it right to use the fact there is a correlation between one's bet rate and his winning potential, and they try to make their deposits as high as possible. In case these players win, they win it all.

Coin Size feature is controlled by the + and – buttons, which appear on the left lower side of the screen. You can choose any size between 0.01 credits per coin up to 0.5 credits per coin. Once you chose the size you want, it is time to use the Coins feature and to select the number of coins you will be using each spin. Simply click the Coins button until you set on the number you like.

What are you waiting for? Start playing now Kings of Cash Online Pokies and win all the best bonuses and benefits!