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Kathmandu Mobile Pokies

People often dream of leaving everything behind, packing a bag and traveling to another country or an unknown period of time. But although this is an admirable goal, it is not always practical and achievable. Therefore, many people seek the excitement and thrill that lies within an adventure like this in other things; some people choose to read all about the destination they wish to go to one day, while others collect photos and watch movies about these countries. There are also people who like to surround themselves with themed items from the country they dream about, and some even choose mobile pokies games that will remind them of that place - Kathmandu mobile pokies game is such a game.

Kathmandu online/mobile pokies transports the player to the beautiful lands of Nepal in a matter of seconds with the help of some delightful music and a fascinating theme. Any player who wishes to have an unforgettable adventure without even getting on a plane won’t be disappointed with this pokies game.

About the Game

Kathmandu is a 5 reels pokies game with 9 available lines. Although the prizes awarded in this game are not as high as one can hope for, the total experience is definitely worth the players’ time as it allows him to feel like he’s on vacation without even leaving the country.

The symbols in this game are quite diverse; some of the symbols are generic and the player might encounter them in other online pokies games, while other symbols are themed and they represent Nepal in various ways. But what’s important is that all of these symbols award the player with different prizes if at least 3 identical icons appear adjacently from the left reel to the right, forming a winning combination.

Important Symbols and Features

If the player is interested in getting big wins out of this mobile pokies game, he would be happy to hear that there are a few things that might help him achieve his goal. First of all, there’s the wild symbol which substitutes for all regular symbols if it can help the player to put a winning combination together.  This symbols also awards the player with great prizes all on its own, making the wild one of the most important symbols in this game.

Another valuable symbol in this game awards the player with mobile pokies free spins if at least 3 scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. When the player is awarded with his 15 free spins, he gets the chance to increase his winnings drastically, for during these spins he is awarded with a multiplier of up to x5 and an additional wild that will help him assemble as many winning combinations as possible.

In addition to all of that, the player can spice things up with the gambling feature that allows him to double or quadruple his wins in no time at all. The only thing he has to do is press the GAMBLE button after any win, big or small, and choose a card suit or a colour. This way, he can magically increase his winnings, but he can also lose them just as quickly and the additional thrill is what attracts most players. If the player doesn’t want to risk it, he can always collect his prize and keep on playing without accessing the GAMBLE feature.

In Conclusion

Kathmandu mobile pokies is a magical casino game with a unique vibe to it that appeals to any player with the desire to travel to distant locations. The enchanting theme compensates for the moderate prizes and it allows the player to set out on a thrilling adventure when he’s at home or even while he’s running errands. At the end of the day, this game is perfect for players who are interested in the traveling themes and for these who don’t mind that the payout is quite modest.