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Giant Panda Mobile Pokies Review

Wildlife enthusiasts will be especially keen to play the hot new Giant Panda Mobile Pokies with Free Spins game. As the name implies, the main theme of this game is the spectacular giant panda. When you play the game on your mobile device, from wherever you happen to be you will feel yourself transported to the bamboo forests of exotic China, home of the magnificent animals.

Get the Free Spins

While the game as many great features, what gamers like best is the online pokies free spins game. When you get three, four, or five scatter symbols — the giant panda eye — you will be rewarded in a special way. First, you can win a cash prize. Five of the Panda eye scatter symbols that are adjacent to one another will give you 2,500 coins.

Next, when you get a few of these symbols, you receive ten free spins. If you win with a free spin, you win even more. Also, if you get more scatter symbols during a free spin, you re-trigger the entire feature.

The next great thing about the Giant Panda free spins mobile pokies is that they have a brilliant wilds symbol. The game uses the Giant Panda logo as a wild. In other words, the Panda can be used to substitute for any other symbol that will help you win. During free spins, any wilds you get stick to the reels so that you can keep using them until you win. It is quite common to have multiple wilds stuck to the reels by the end of the free spins making wins very common.

One more feature in this free spins mobile pokies game is the nudge feature. If the Panda eye is just above or below the reels, it can be nudged into the field of play. As you can see Giant Panda Mobile Pokies with Free Spins takes the free spin feature — already a popular device — and makes it so much better. No wonder everyone is playing the game.

243 Ways to Win

The Giant Panda Mobile Pokies with Free Spins is a 243 ways to win game. This is a popular feature in which the traditional pay lines are done away with. Instead, any symbols that are adjacent to one another are as if they are on an active pay line. Players seem to love this style with more and more games adapting it. Yet Giant Panda is still one of a very few number of games to have 243 ways to win plus the special free spins features.

One More Note About The Wild Symbol

It’s not just the scatter symbols that are special in the Giant Panda Mobile Pokies with Free Spins game. The Wild also have a little more power than in most games. Every time you get a wild on a reel, you get a mark below that reel. Collect 4 marks and then that reel is all wild for the next four spins. If you are really lucky, you can get all the reels to turn wild and win the maximum jackpot of 1,822,500 credits.

The Special Mobile Pokies Bonus

You can give yourself a special mobile pokies bonus when you play the Giant Panda Mobile Pokies with Free Spins game. If you win during a regular round, you will have access to the special gamble feature. In this feature, you can take half of the amount you win and put that away to keep. Then take the other half and see if you can increase what you won.

Or you can take the full amount that you won and try a gamble. You then pick your odds. The steeper odds you pick, the more you could multiple you winnings. This feature is where you can really turn an ordinary win into something truly spectacular. So not only does the Giant Panda game have features like wilds, scatters, and gamble, but the features themselves are much more sophisticated that what you typically see in similar games.

The Graphics

The other thing that makes Giant Panda Mobile Pokies with Free Spins game stand out is the graphics. Everyone loves the pictures of the panda in the giant bamboo forests. Few people can actually travel to the remote mountains where the giant pandas live. But playing this game gives you a sense of how these magnificent creatures live. Since it is a mobile game, you can play from wherever you are. You could be on a bus while you dream about the Panda’s natural habitat.

Who knows, if you win one of the mega jackpots, you might be able to actually fly to China and perhaps see the Giant Pandas in person! Until then, just have fun with all the special features of the Giant Panda Mobile Pokies with Free Spins game.