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Bridesmaids Online Pokies

Being in a wedding party was never easy but as millions of viewers saw in the Bridesmaids movie, wedding jitters, bad behavior and other events can make the job of a bridesmaid one that deserves hazard pay. It's better to indulge in the experience virtually, at least sometimes. To facilitate that, the New Zealand online casino introduced the Bridesmaids online pokies where you can indulge in some wedding festivities from the comfort of your own home. 

Bridesmaids pokies is available to PC and mobile players at the New Zealand online casino. The casino offers a wide range of gaming amenities that allow online gamblers to participate in real money gambling entertainment on their PC or mobile device. Sign into your casino account and enter the games lobby where you'll find Bridesmaids and hundreds of additional online pokies. Make your selection and place a deposit to play for real and win real money. You can also play free pokies online in the Free Mode which offers free online pokies that you can enjoy with no deposit requirement. 

Whichever mode you select, you'll enjoy high quality casino entertainment and multiple opportunities to earn cash prizes when you play on your laptop or desktop PC at the Download Casino or on your smartphone or tablet device at the mobile casino. 

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Bridesmaids online pokies is a five reel, forty payline and 600 coin slot machine that brings you into the world of a pre-wedding party in which the maid of honor and a bridesmaid compete to determine which of them is the bride's true best friend. The game symbols include the maid of dishonor Annie, Rita, mother of the bride and a troop of bridesmaids including innocent Becca, perfect Helen wild Megan and Lillian, the blushing bride herself. Other game symbols displayed are officer Nathan, cupcakes, a cake baby and colourful card suit symbols of hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds.

The Bridesmaids logo is the game's Wild which substitutes for other symbols to create more winning combinations. Multiple wild symbols on an activated payline can complete Wild Combinations and pay out Wild Combination payouts. Only one winning combination is paid out on each payline so if more than one possible winning combination occurs on a payline, the payout is the value of the highest combination. The Wild symbol also forms Wild Symbol Stacks in which multiple Wild Symbols stack, one on top of the other, to present more opportunities to create more winning combinations.

The Cupcake symbol is the game's scatter which creates a winning scatter combination payout whenever two or more scatters appear, in any pattern (not necessarily on the same payline) on the reels. Scatter payout values are calculated by multiplying the combination payouts by the number of wagered coins on the spin that triggered the scatter win.

If three or more Cupcake symbols appear, scattered on the reels, they activate the Wheel Bonus Game.

Wheel Bonus Game

When three or more Cupcake symbols appear, scattered on the reels, the Wheel bonus game is activated. In this game you spin a wheel to determine your Multiplier value.  The multiplier value awarded is multiplied by your total bet amount.  Value of the multipliers on the wheel increase, based on the number of scatter symbols that activated the bonus game. All the paylines and wagers that you play in the bonus game are the same as those of the spin that activated the bonus game. 

After you win a multiplier value you are returned to the regular game.

  • Jackpot win amount – the value of the jackpot, featured on the wheel, increases, based on the number of scatters that triggered the bonus game. Bonus game paylines and wagers are the same as those of the spin that triggered the bonus game. After you win your jackpot you will be returned to your regular slots game.   

Access to one of the three bonus games – you have three possible Bonus game options:

  • The Friendship Free Spins Bonus Game involves 10 free spins in which symbols are stacked on all of the reels. The Annie symbol stacks on the first and second reel, the Helen symbol stacks on the fourth and fifth reels, the Lillian symbol stacks on the third reels. The Lillian symbol can substitute for Helen and Annie to create more winning combinations. Free spins can reactivate during the bonus game. So, if three or more scatter symbols appear during a free spin you receive an additional ten free spins with your extra free spins added to your remaining number of free spins. All free spins paylines and wagers are the same as the spin that activated the bonus game.
  • Flying High Free Spins Bonus Game involves ten free spins with Rolling Reels. When Rolling Reels activate, winning combination symbols disappear after a win and new symbols cascade into their place to create more opportunities to create more winning combinations. If you create a winning combination from the shifting symbols, you receive another payout and the process repeats itself. Growing Wilds are also featured during the Flying High Free spins. In this feature Bridesmaids symbol stack on all reels and stacks grow by one symbol per spin. When the stack reaches 13 symbols, the Growing Wild stops growing with stacked wild symbols completing winning combinations. This Free Spins round does not reactivate. Bets and paylines remain the same as the spin that activated the Flying High Bonus game.
  • Boutique Bonus Game involves matching symbols. You will see:
    • 12 gift boxes and behind each box is a hidden bridesmaid symbol, a bride symbol or a bridesmaids symbol with a multiplier. You select objects and when you make a match between two objects, the prize that the symbol represents becomes yours
    • Ten photos and behind each photo is a hidden random bonus win amount or an I'm Sorry sign. If you pick the I'm Sorry sign the game ends. If you select one of the photos with a random bonus win amount, you win that amount which is then added to your regular game payouts. The random bonus win amount is multiplied by your wager.

    Enjoy wedding fun and excitement without the stress and strain of joining a wedding party when you play the Bridesmaids online pokies on your PC or mobile device at a NZ online casino.