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Break Da Bank Online Pokies

If you're a beginning player you might wish to break da bank in a classic three-reel pokies while advanced players may wish to go for a more interactive break da bank activity with a five-reel video slots variation. Whatever your presence, your bank account will benefit as you enjoy fun-filled pokies entertainment when you play Break da Bank online pokies online. 

Both Break da Bank variations follow the foibles of a group of bumbling bank robbers who decide that breaking into the bank is an easier way to collect money than the old-fashioned savings account option. As you make your way through the spins of the reels, the multipliers, the Break Da Bank online pokies free spins and the bonus games, you'll be able to reap the advantages of a bank where the cash is waiting to be found. 

You can open the Break da Bank 3 reel slots on your PC or play the Break Da Bank Again on any PC or mobile device. Take advantage of everything that this real money pokies has to offer and your bank account will enjoy the rewards. 

3-Reel Break Da Bank Online Pokies

The 3-reel  Break da Bank Pokies brought classic pokies to a new level with fanciful graphics, a themed sound track and an entertaining storyline. This light-hearted slot machine features goofy characters who are determined to break da bank and take home the loot.

In this game, the number of coins that you win is determined by the total number of coins that you achieve, multiplied by the coin size bet. You play by spinning the reels in a way in which the symbols will form winning combinations on enabled paylines. There are five paylines, making this a good game for players who want a simple game that will allow them to start out on their pokies adventures. Payout values for completed paylines are based on the combinations that you create.

Game symbols include glittering gold bars, shimmering double gold bars and shining triple gold bars. There are also gold dollar signs and the Break da Bank Logo, which is the Wild symbol that substitutes for any other symbol to complete paylines. Whenever a payline is completed with the inclusion of a Wild symbol, the payout is multiplied x2. If two wilds appear on a completed payline along with a third, regular symbol, the payout is quadrupled. The wilds can create their own winning combinations when multiple Wilds appear in a line on an enabled payline. 

5-Reel Break da Bank Again Pokies

In this 5-reel video pokies, the Break da Bank gang is back, available for Download, Flash and Mobile Casino entertainment. Many fans of the original Break da Bank pokies enjoy the Break da Bank Again slot machine which, they say, offers a more interactive and fast-moving pokies adventure in which players encounter five reels, nine paylines and total bets of 90 coins. Matching symbols that line up on activated paylines trigger payouts in this slots but since there are more reels and more paylines, you'll find more opportunities than ever to win.

The symbols of wealth and refinement from the 3-reel Break Da Bank pokies return, along with additional symbols which include piles of gold coins, bars of gold, an open check, jewelry and banknotes.

In this game, the logo again serves as the game's Wild symbol but combinations that are created with the inclusion of the Logo are multiplied by five. Wilds do not complete their own combination in the five-reel Break Da Bank Again variation.

The video pokies features a scatter symbol - the Safe. When two Safe symbols emerge on the reels, in any pattern, a scatter combination payout is delivered. The scatter symbols trigger a scatter combination payout regardless of whether they appear on an activated payline or not. Scatter combination payouts are determined by the number of coins that were wagered on the scatter-win spin, multiplied by the scatter combination value that is set by the game.

When three scatters appear, scattered anywhere on the reels, they activate the Free Spins Game.

Free Spins

The five-reel Break Da Bank Again delivers online pokies free spins which are awarded whenever three scatters occur simultaneously, in any position, on a regular game spin. Click "Free Spins" when the round starts to receive a random number of free spins, up to 25 free spins.

Free spin payouts ar determined by the number of coins that you bet on the spin that triggered the free spins round.  If one Safe symbol appears on the reels during a free spin, you are awarded an additional free spin which is then added to your free spins total. Any win that you achieve on a free spin is multiplied by 5. If a free spin results in the appearance of a Break da Bank Again logo symbol, your payout is multiplied x25.

Gamble Game

Break Da Bank Again 5-reel slots also has a Gamble Round which is triggered whenever you achieve a regular game win. The pokies gives you up to 5 Gambles per pokies session and you can take advantage of all five rounds, a few of them or none at all.

To play the Gamble, click the gamble button when it appears after a regular game win. The machine will present you with a hidden card. You are invited to guess the card's colour to double your existing wins or the card's suit to quadruple your existing wins.

If you guess the colour (black or red) correctly, your payouts will multiply 2x. If you guess the suit (clubs, hearts, diamonds or spades) your payouts will multiply 4x.

In addition to the Gamble game multiplier, you can also multiply your payouts via the casino's bonuses which include a Welcome bonus for new players, Loyalty Points for veteran gamers and casino-wide contests and draws for everyone.  

Break da Bank and collect winnings without explosives or safe-cracking tools as you play the rewarding Break da Bank online pokies on your preferred gaming device.