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Bikini Party Mobile Pokies Review

Whether you fit into a bikini or you don’t, you’ll have a blast playing at the Bikini Party Mobile Pokies with Free Spins game. And if you’re a man, then you’ll probably really enjoy watching all of these bikini babes as they play on the beach and enjoy. And you’ll certainly enjoy as well. What makes the online pokies free spins site so much fun? Well, it’s set on the beach, as you can imagine, and includes many bikini babes. The blue sky is here, as is the sea and the sand. There is audio in the background as well that invites you to enjoy the sounds from the beach and to think that you’re there with them playing in the sand. What could be better?

Having a Blast

As you play the Bikini Party Mobile Pokies with Free Spins game, you’ll see that it’s a 5x3 reel video slots game with the 243 Ways to Win format. You can end up with 15 free spins with triple wins and these can be retriggered. Now, there are five women in bikinis having fun here in the New Zealand mobile pokies free spins game. Watch for the ones in the red and orange bikinis because they offer the highest payouts and you can get a payout with just two like symbols. The logo here is the Bikini Party. It will appear on reels two and four only. The scatter symbol is the beach volleyball and it will give you payouts when you have two or more on the reels during the same spin.

More fun

Now, let’s talk more about the Bikini Party Mobile Pokies with Free Spins. You get to the free spins when you have three or more of the beach volleyball symbols on the reels. You’ll then get 15 online pokies free spins and the payouts in this section are all tripled. And you can even retrigger this feature. There is also a respin feature with the free spins pokies game.

The way that it works is as follows. There is a button under each reel and after a spin there is a respin value displayed on each of the buttons. If you want to just spin one reel and keep the others in place, then you have to pay the respin value that is listed for that reel. If you can get a big payout by doing this, then the respin value will be higher than it might otherwise be. This is a great feature that really adds to the fun when you’re already to have a blast with the Bikini Party Mobile Pokies with Free Spins.

Join in the fun today. Even if it’s the middle of the winter where you’re playing and it’s cold out, you’ll love feeling the sun on your face as you play. And, when you play on your mobile, you can take the game with you anywhere that you go. So whether you’re at the grocery store in line or you’re getting your hair cut, you can always have the feel of the sun and the sand at your side with the NZ mobile pokies free spins game. There is something for everyone to love here whether you're a man checking out the hot women or you're a woman wishing that you were on the beach enjoying today. Have a great time playing and living through the five ladies now!