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Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies

You are on your way to Hawaii. Somewhere between New Zealand and Hawaii, the urge overtakes you. It will be a few more hours before you will land in Hawaii. You open up your mobile and start playing Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies. For years, you have been waiting for this holiday and now you are about to land in the Hawaiian Islands. You leave all your troubles behind in New Zealand as you anticipate a lot of R and R. As you disembark the plane, you can feel the Aloha in the air and the refreshing smells of the plumeria, tuberose, ginger, and pikake flowers. 

Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies isNew Zealand’s favourite mobile pokie to date. The mouth-watering symbols and other exotic Hawaiian symbols are just some of the things that are unique to this game. Of course, the big payouts are definitely a key factor. From the Microgaming family, Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies is sure to give you hours of fun and excitement. The 45 coin slot machine consists of five reels and nine paylines. A payline  is a line across a slots window where the symbols must line up to create a winning combination.

Instead of seeing card symbols from ten to the Ace, exotic fruit symbols are their replacements. And as the Hawaiians are keen of nature, you will be happy to see a funny gecko who likes to stick out his tongue at people. He is a friendly guy just like the local residents, so not to worry. A Hawaiian mask is one of the symbols. By getting a mask on an enabled payline, you will get to play in a bonus area. As Hawaiian folklore has it, the Kahuna or chief had special powers to fly in the air. You will also see him flying on the reels in the Volcano Bonus game.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Big Kahuna logo is the Wild. It substitutes for all the symbols to create a winning combination though it doesn't substitute for the Scatter. If you are able to get five Wilds, you will win an eight thousand dollar bonus multiplied by the wager that you put on the winning line. Now that’s a heap of bananas! 

The monkey may not be man’s best friend, but in the Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies, he is one critter you want to know. The smiling monkey is the Scatter. Most symbols pay from left to right. Because the Hawaiian monkey is ambidextrous, he pays in every position. A minimum of two monkeys are required to trigger a payout. Unlike most pokies where the Scatter symbol takes you to the bonus game, in Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies it is the Volcano and mask that will take you there. The smallest bet is only one cent per line. It is possible to go up to five dollars per line.

Into the Jungle

As you dare to go deeper into the jungle, there are two bonus games waiting for you, the Pick a Mask Bonus and the Volcano Bonus game. Hawaiian woodworkers are artists that specialize in wood carvings. And some of the woods carved are tikis or Hawaiian masks. The early Hawaiians covered the islands with tiki gods. Legend has it that the kahunas had visions and would place their tikis on cliffs and in the rainforests. Other types of tikis were placed in magical caves along the seashore. And still other tikis were placed in temples among the scattered villages for sacrifice .

If you get at least three Mask symbols on a pay line, the Pick a Mask game is triggered. There are eight magnificently carved masks in the Big Kahuna Mobile Pokies. There is a cash bonus hidden beneath five of them. Under three others you'll find a “collect”. You select masks and collect the cash bonuses until you pick a “collect” mask.  After the collect mask is added to your collected bonuses, you will go back to the regular game.

A Huffin and a  Puffin

The Volcano Bonus is unlocked when three or more Volcano symbols appear on the reels. To play, you choose various objects that reveal bonus amounts. The wins displayed are already multiplied by your bet and bonus wins are added to the regular wins.

As you are having another leisurely day in paradise you notice plumes of smoke emanating from the volcano. As the smoke increases, the ground starts to shake. Now you know things are not normal. All of a sudden three volcanos emerge on the reels. The locals turn to you , knowing that you are their only hope. You are the person that can appease the gods and save the island from total destruction.

The volcano is getting more intense with smoke. The inhabitants of the island start their chant. A single fruit must be sacrificed to the volcano god. But which one? There are so many to choose from. With eyes closed you choose, and suddenly a rainbow appears! You have saved the island.

Mobile Pokies Free Spins

Kiwis love the great outdoors. Wherever you happen to be, you can play online pokies. Just by registering at a casino you can get free spins playing online pokies. If you happen to be on a lunch break, or on a walk in the bush, you can access mobile pokies free spins

Many casinos offer free spin promotions for New Zealand players even though the player doesn't make a deposit. Mobile free spins pokies give extra benefit and are a lucrative form of casino bonus. There are themed promotions throughout the year, such as holidays or events where more mobile pokies free spins offers are available.

The Online Pokies Free Spins website offers players the option to locate pokies with a free spins option for your mobile.